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Silesia Party Infinity is already the eighth installment of biggest Polish demoparty, attended by die-hard fans of legendary 8-bit - Commodore 64. We really want make this edition the best of all hence, apart from regular compos, we scheduled amazing attractions for your pleasure - all inside very atmospheric pub. Big Eight is really something! See you at the party place!

Odyn, Raf, Supernoise


Official Silesia Party 8 Timetable

23/06/17 Friday

18:00 Opening Ceremony
18:30 Kisiel's Hardware Toys
19:00 CJ Warlock DJ live performance
21:00 Tess & Tel live performance
23:00 The Best of Karaoke Design


24/06/17 Saturday

14:00 Deadline - GFX, MSX, EXE, WILD
14:00 Outdoor Crazy by Fei
16:00 "Win Your Life" Bomberland Tournament
18:00 TV alike game with Arise posse
20:00 Competitions Start!
[after compos] Wacek By Night Live Performance

25/06/17 Sunday

10:00 Results / Prizegiving
11:00 Closing Ceremony

We believe that demoscene is not only about people, competitions and alcohol %)

There would be no demoscene without hardware and because we have lots of space this time,
C64 is hyped again we want to see your machines!

And we're open minded... we gonna invite retro (computer) enthusiasts on friday!
Simply spoken bring your retro hardware and grab discount - details will follow soon.


 Some nice photos from earlier editions of SP 🙂


Where and when?

The Silesia Party 8 INFINITY will be held on 23-25 JUNE 2017 IN TYCHY / POLAND 

Tychy is a city in Silesia, Poland, approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) south of Katowice, south of Poland. City is well known for its brewing industry and its international developed brand Tyskie, which dates back to the 17th century.


Underground Pub
Plac Wincentego Korfantego 1
43-100 Tychy / Poland


You can arrive by plane as well, you should be interested in Katowice
Pyrzowice (62km from party place) :

or Kraków Balice (70-82km from party place) airport :

You can book your ticket right now and we will provide you with details
how to teleport from airport to party place 🙂


Entry fee for whole 3 days party is: 88 PLN
Entry fee for Friday only is: 10 PLN.
Informations about prepayment and bonuses soon 🙂


This year partyplace localisation is awesome & superb, Undeground Pub is a famous place for gigs and events, many well known polish artists gave concerts here. There is a pool table, darts, and a bar equipped with a good drinks and beer. There is true stage inside and massive sound equipment, so SID music will kick the ass! Ofcourse a special zone will be marked for a 'sleepingroom' for these, who want to feel true oldskool partyplace spirit, and sleep inside partyplace. Please take a look at some photos. Cool yeah? Please check our FAQ for more party info.

Compo Rules

This year we want you to enjoy our comeback with bigger and better event, hence some changes!

We allow other 8bit Commodore computers this time (+4 series, VIC20, C128, PET) but our primary goal is Commodore 64, so here are multi-machines competition rules:

1. C64 has got its own compos separately - these will not be joined with other machines in any way.
2. We need to get at least 3 works before party (2 weeks deadline) to set up compos (for machines other than 64).
3. If we will get 0 > works < 3 submitted to similar compos (let it be graphics for C128 and VIC20) expect these competitions to be joined.
4. If we can’t go with rule 2 or 3 then we will move such stuff to WILD.
5. Please note, we may not have some exotic hardware avaiable immediately so if you plan to use anything else than stock machine with composite / s-video output you must contact us at least 4 weeks before party! (we already have stock +4, unexpanded VIC20 and C128Dcr)

General competition rules:

1. We all know that good artists imitate and best artist steal 😉 but we expect you to be creative! We don’t want timbaland alike stuff, you know (or you're welcome to WILD).
2. To make competition more fair please don’t sign your graphics and we won’t show C64’s screen during music competition – namevoting sucks!
3. We allow remote submissions however we won’t give prizes if you’re absent.

Please make demos up to 15 min long
Please note music entries will be played for 3min



SID – no samples!
DEMO – One disk, two sided


DEMO – no size limit



264 (64K RAM):




Ask if you wish to release something 🙂


Movies, animations, up to 7minutes per work


Timbaland/MC Hammer/Copy/SID+Samples etc

- Anything else
- Entries which had to be moved according to rules.

Detailed information about each compo coming soon.


Here are the answers :)


What is demoscene & demoparty?

The demoscene is an international computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos: small, self-contained computer programs that produce audio-visual presentations. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills.

A demoparty is an event which gathers demomakers and provides them with competitions to compete in. A typical demoparty is a non-stop event lasting over a weekend, providing the visitors a lot of time for socializing. The competing works, at least those in the most important competitions, are usually shown at night, using a video projector and big loudspeakers.

More info at Wikipedia Demoscene Article

I’m a newbie and want to attend this party. Is it appropriate place for me?

Everyone interested in demoscene is invited to Silesia Party 8 Infinity. You can come to party, meet new people and have great fun without any obligation to submit your works, however the most active demosceners are the most respected.

How can I submit my work to compo?

You can hand your compo entries directly to orgs at party place or submit by e-mail to silesia.orgos@gmail.com specifying your scene handle and compo to participate in e-mail title, e.g. YourNick / Demo compo.

Do you provide sleeping at party place?

We do. There will be designated sleeping zone and, moreover, all info about nearby accommodation will be displayed at party website.

Will alcohol and beer be available at party place? What about food?

It is a pub thus you have access to good beer around here. We don’t plan to create exclusive refreshments but there are many shops around where you can equip yourselves with something to eat. We’re going to serve free snacks on Friday but we cannot predict how quickly they’re going to vanish 😉

Will online streaming be available for sofa-sceners?

Yes. This time we’re providing HD stream of certain events and competitions, however, we cannot guarantee it’s going to work flawlessly all the time.

Can I bring my own beverages to the party place?

We want everyone to be pleased, however we rely on owner’s hospitality and urge you not to bring your own alcoholic drinks to Pub Underground.

I’d like to support you with a donation – how can I do it?

Every instance of financial support is very precious for us. Easiest way to donate the orgs is using http://paypal.me/silesiaparty or getting in touch with us by e-mail. Silesia Party is still a non-profit event – organized by sceners for sceners.

I’d like to help in organizing this party and I have ideas how to make it even better and more interesting. Can I get in touch with you in this matter?

Yes. Throwing a big event is both complex and time consuming therefore more hands to help are always welcome. Write to silesia.orgos@gmail.com how you would like to help us – we’d love to cooperate!

I’m broke and entrance fee is too much for me. Can we make a deal?

Sure. Shit happens sometimes so we are open for any suggestions. Just write an appropriate e-mail to silesia.orgos@gmail.com that shortly explains your reason for lower entrance fee.

Can I come here with my own gear?

Sure. We provide all people who bring their own computers with free tables and power equipment. We urge everyone interested to tick “Yes – I bring my own gear” in register form. It will greatly help us in estimating how much equipment we are supposed to prepare for you.

Will there be old games to play at the party?

Silesia Party is demoscene event hence gathering people who use computers in more creative way. It’s by no means a gaming event, still we predict bunch of computers equipped with some cult titles on Friday.

Send Stuff & Contact


Bigscreen and audience is waiting for you!
You can send your stuff to party orgos at:



DEADLINE: 21/06/2017


News, infos about SP8 INFINITY can also be found at our Facebook fanpage:


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