The Silesia Party 8 Infinity is over. Two great demos, three 4K intros, seven SID music entries, six graphics, wild, and an awesome multimedia. 53 registered visitors, over 75 people in total visited party this year, awesome!

We would like to thank following people for their BIG support: V0yager, CJ Warlock, Wacek, Komancz, Elban, Yugorin, Grabba, Wino, an Anonymous donor from Australia, Soci, Dr. Science, Scan, Kenji, Skull, Carrion, Jammer, FatFrost, Kaja (Kya), Xandra!

Official party results:

Download (without multimedia) Silesia Party 8 compo archive here:

Some nice photos by KMEG/Albion:

Multimedia entries update soon...

Silesia Party Team // See you!